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Brother Art Thou coming

The wolf looks back, before walking through a vale of mist on a cold morning.

The story started with losing a friend.

Knowing that his end was coming he was afraid because he had to do this part, much too soon, alone.

He was a real family man, and always surrounded with people.

At the last moments he had everyone he loved around him and past away completely in peace, after announcing that now all was okay.

Knowing of his love for Shakespeare among others, a sentence kept running through my head.

Brother art thou coming.

Years later I was able to give this a place and let it go myself, by inspiring a painting on this story.

At the same time, the painting has become a story of entering a new phase.

Dare to let go and go full for the new adventure.

Wolves live in packs, so the perfect example of a family animal.

The mist symbolizes the separation between two worlds, the wolf's looking back at the last moment.

On the way to a new chapter.

And the title, I already had.

‘Meaning of a white wolf A white wolf indicates heroism and victory. It stands for the pleasant quality of seeing a bright spot even in the darkest times. The wolf symbolizes loyalty, sympathetic, intuition, loyalty and freedom.”

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