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Charcoal - The very first form of drawing.

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

The first evidence dates from 45,000 years ago! Just imagine, the first person to use a piece of burnt wood, and the excitement when he or she saw something appear, on the rock when he or she saw those first lines turn into something recognizable. There are many different types of charcoal and paper these days. Whether pure willow #charcoal, pressed charcoal in pencil form in different degrees of hardness, or in powder form, it is a wonderful material to work with. You can really go in depth with it. And quite easy to make darker, but also lighter with different techniques. For example with a feather, brushes and brushes and different types of eraser. This allows you to work a bit 'back and forth'. From sharp to somewhat blurry, by means of a feather, cloth or feather, and sharper again, or from light to dark and back to light by using an eraser.

'White charcoal' is sold under this name, but it is actually pressed white pigment (chalk) and not real charcoal. I have already started the following project: A large charcoal portrait of an #elephant.


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