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Dance of the Cranes

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

'Dance of the Cranes’

Watercolor on board, 220x160cm at Early Birds Art Gallery Knokke - visit Gallery here

The endangered Chinese, Japanese, Manchurian or Red-crowned cranes, well Grus Japonensis live in Azië.

In Japan no more than 600 left.

The work refers to a Japanese folding screen and shows the fascinating dance of these bird during courtship. Where sometimes more than two birds join the dance.

The dance is performed perfectly down to the last detail in pure grace.

They know each other well,... after all, they pair for life.

The sound, these bringers of wisdom, luck and a long life make, is incredibly and carries a long way in the misty morning.

There are few other spectacles that capture the imagination in nature more than this one.

The tradition of watercolor on paper in an art in itself in Japan, combined with these birds it is in the art culture intertwined.

“Dance of the Cranes’ is one of my most personal paintings so far. Everything I stand for comes together in this one... the subject, subtleness and materials”

On to more paintings on different Crane species, like the Eurasian or common crane, Sandhills, Demoiselles, Blues, Wattled, Siberians, Hoodeds, Whoopings, Crowned, Sarus, Brolgas, White-naped, and Black-necked cranes…. So many shapes and colors.

Tell me which one you prefer?!

Want to see my painting of the Cranes in real life? Visit Early Birds Art Gallery Knokke


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