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Supporting with my NFT Collection.

A while back I was asked what my thoughts were abou and how they help to cool down the earth? I honestly couldn't awnser that question because I never heard of them before. I began to check out their website and searched for more info on YouTube and was completely blown away!

The way they do this is with modern engineering and teaching the local community how to apply the tools needed for a green and brighter future.

Their focus is where they can have the most impact: Africa. Their approach is to inspire and empower millions of subsistence farmers to regreen their land. The ripple effects of regreening Africa will benefit nature, biodiversity and people everywhere, and help cool our planet.

This way of helping is very inspiring and I was thinking how could I apply the same idea with Art? Of course I could sell a painting and give a percentage to Justdiggit but that is slow paced and action is needed now to help our planet.

What about NFT's a friend of mine said! NFT's? It is new, exciting and innevitable. And the best part is I could launch 25 years of work as an entire collection right now! I decided to launch 150 paintings and with each NFT a physical Alluminium Limited Edtion Art piece is added for the buyer.

This is the best of both worlds in my opinion. The next gen digital Art with proof of ownership and a physical art piece so you also have someting tangable. Or should I say best of three worlds? Because with this launch I can support Justdiggit far better than selling a painting piece by piece.

I can now say with pride! Here is my OpenSea NFT Collection


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