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Updated: Mar 9, 2022

So close, sitting in an open all-terrain vehicle.

Lions are used to it, people not always, and it is indeed a matter of watch yourself.

A large male lion walks so close to the car and he is not even visible ... you can smell him, touch him if you would put your hand out, which would be less sensible.

He walks on, looking for a place in the shades with enough overview, from where he can watch his kingdom.

There are people who enjoy hunting a lion for a trophy, carpet or ego boost or for the kick and the "cool" photo.

Young almost adult male lions raised by men are often used for this purpose. Why males? Because they are the most impressive and you can get the most 'honor' from that.

Oh not unimportant on the day of the hunt these animals have not been given any food.

When the familiar car arrives, the lion thinks that he will be fedg, as is the case every week. He hears the car and happily walks with a good appetite to those nice people with their moving buffet.

Unfortunately, ... this time a sweaty tourist is waiting in the car who has just made a stupid investment.

Bad luck for the lion.

Thousands of dollars are deposited for shooting these beautifull animals.

And if the "tough hunter" misses the shot, there is alaway the friendly guide that also has a loaded weapon.

An exciting story for the hunter "The dangerous monster approached us ready to attack."

My thought to such a tough guy or woman: If you really can't control those weird ego destructive drives, arm yourself once with a stick or knife. To make it a little more honest. Who dares?

Again, these non-wild animals are used to getting food right now, thrown from the same car. This is called conditioning.

Instead, he gets the bullet unsuspectingly.

When I paint or draw a lion, this story comes to mind.

And I think, "hunting" is also possible with a camera or even better with pencil and paper or paint and brushes ... and that is a lot more pleasant for such a lion.



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