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The Lions Turn

Updated: Jan 13

'The Lions Turn'

Watercolor 210x150cm

“In the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary.” — Aaron Rose

The message is that nature is the key to life.

Art forms the bridge to the heart.

And it's not too late to turn around, turn the tide.

Because I believe that there is always the light, no matter how dark the world sometimes looks, and even if it's just a thin line.

It's nature's turn, its natures turn.

The king of beasts, the lion in front.

His charisma and sheer power is unparalleled, he symbolizes that turn.

It's 'The Lions Turn'

Everyone makes a turnaround in his or her life several times.

A new energy, possibilities in any area.

There is always a light, even if it seems to come from far away.

Opportunities are seized or not.

But the opportunity almost always passes by.

Available as Limited Edition Print

Listed as NFT at OpenSea


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