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The Quickdraw - Jackson Hole

Updated: Jun 17, 2019

The fun of drawing or sculpting within 1,5 hours in public.

Renso Tamse Sculpting at the Jackson Hole Quickdraw

On a saturday morning in september I participated in the quickdraw in Jackson for the 4th time. (An artist creates a piece of art in 1,5 hour, from scratch) This is part of the anual fall arts festival. .

Where people expected me to do a watercolor of wildlife art, like I did 3 years in a row, I pulled up a few pounds of clay to sculpt. What a fun thing to do, and to see the reactions of the public! Thanks to all of you who supported me in that 1,5 hours.

Great Owl Bronze - Final Result

Painting or..?

Sculpting an Great Grey Owl on a branch looking down on a little Mouse, which cheeky looks up to the owl.

Since this is a ‘Great Grey Owl’ I will do a grey patina, and just the eyes and beek wil be bright shiny bronze.

After the 1,5 hours there is a auction by the chamber of commerce, and its an event western style!

A bit scary for the artists, but actually very much fun for everyone.

Thank y’all

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