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The Quickdraw - Jackson Hole

The fun of drawing or sculpting within 1,5 hours in public.

Jackson Hole Quickdraw
Renso Tamse Sculpting at the Jackson Hole Quickdraw

On a saturday morning in september I participated in the quickdraw in Jackson for the 4th time. (An artist creates a piece of art in 1,5 hour, from scratch) This is part of the anual fall arts festival. .

Where people expected me to do a watercolor of wildlife art, like I did 3 years in a row, I pulled up a few pounds of clay to sculpt. What a fun thing to do, and to see the reactions of the public! Thanks to all of you who supported me in that 1,5 hours.

Renso Tamse Great Owl Bronze
Great Owl Bronze - Final Result

Painting or..?

Sculpting an Great Grey Owl on a branch looking down on a little Mouse, which cheeky looks up to the owl.

Since this is a ‘Great Grey Owl’ I will do a grey patina, and just the eyes and beek wil be bright shiny bronze.

After the 1,5 hours there is a auction by the chamber of commerce, and its an event western style!

A bit scary for the artists, but actually very much fun for everyone.

Thank y’all


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