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Certified Art Giclée™

The Certified Art Giclée™ is always accompanied by a certificate of authenticity carrying an embossment. This certificate of authenticity states all the important specifics of the edition. It shows a picture of the art work, the name of the artist, the title, website, edition, number of EAs*, and the master printer. The certificates have a blind embossing with quality mark, numbering and signature of the artist and the master printer.

This certificate is also the guarantee on long durability.

Certified Art Giclée fin -art prints with certificates distinguish themselves from all other Giclée prints in the market in terms of quality. They also give consumers comfortable reassurance that they have purchased something valuable.

he Certified Art Giclée is always provided with a visible number and a signature applied by the artist. So the signature is not printed along. The accompanying certificate is provided with a number and signature and is also co-signed by the master printer. This certificate also states the edition including the EA’s

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